Saad Al Ghamdi The complete Holy QuranSaad al-Ghamdi is born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1967, Saad El Ghamidi is a reciter of the Holy Qur’an beyond excellence and his body of work is proof enough to commemorate this very fact, bearing a striking resemblance to the style and texture of the great Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy.

Born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 198, Saad al Ghamidi is a reciter of the Holy Quran beyond excellence and his body of work is proof enough to commemorate this very fact, bearing a striking resemblance to the style and texture of the great Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy.

Saad al-Ghamdi has a fine mind for garnering valuable knowledge and this persisted right till he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Sharia in the Imam Mohammed Ibn Saoûd’s university in Al- Ahsaa. in the discipline of Oussoul Din, while simultaneously also procuring the coveted Al Isnad from Riwaya of Hafs’ An Aasim.

His magnanimous career graph has seen monumental heights with professions like teaching, guiding towards Islamic Sciences, supervising the theological education at Manar al Huda Centre and also being designated as a director in Mohamed Al Fateh’s private schools in Dammam.

Saad al Ghamdi is now at present rendering his extraordinary services by conducting Imamat at Yusuf Bin Ahmed Mosque, Dammam after initially commencing at the blessed and holy Masjid An-Nabawi in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Format : MPEG Audio
Version : Version 1
Profile : Layer 3
Settings : Joint stereo / MS Stereo
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 128 kb/s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz

Track List

CD1/001 – Surah Al Fatihah.mp3
CD1/002 – Surah Al Baqara.mp3
CD2/001 – Surah Al Imran.mp3
CD2/002 – Surah An Nisaa.mp3
CD3/001 – Surah Al Maidah.mp3
CD3/002 – Surah Al Anam.mp3
CD4/001 – Surah Al Araf.mp3
CD4/002 – Surah Al Anfal.mp3
CD5/001 – Surah At Tauba.mp3
CD5/002 – Surah Yunus.mp3
CD6/001 – Surah Hud.mp3
CD6/002 – Surah Yusuf.mp3
CD6/003 – Surah Ar Rad.mp3
CD6/004 – Surah Ibrahim.mp3
CD7/001 – Surah Al Hijr.mp3
CD7/002 – Surah An Nahl.mp3
CD7/003 – Surah Al Israa.mp3
CD7/004 – Surah Al Kahf.mp3
CD8/001 – Surah Maryam.mp3
CD8/002 – Surah Taha.mp3
CD8/003 – Surah Al Anbiyaa.mp3
CD8/004 – Surah Al Hajj.mp3
CD9/001 – Surah Al Muminun.mp3
CD9/002 – Surah An Nur.mp3
CD9/003 – Surah Al Furqan.mp3
CD9/004 – Surah Ash Shuaraa.mp3
CD10/001 – Surah An Naml.mp3
CD10/002 – Surah Al Qasas.mp3
CD10/003 – Surah Al Ankabut.mp3
CD10/004 – Surah Ar Rum.mp3
CD10/005 – Surah Luqman.mp3
CD10/006 – Surah As Sajda.mp3
CD11/001 – Surah Al Ahzab.mp3
CD11/002 – Surah Saba.mp3
CD11/003 – Surah Fatir.mp3
CD11/004 – Surah Yasin.mp3
CD11/005 – Surah As Saffat.mp3
CD12/001 – Surah Sad.mp3
CD12/002 – Surah Az Zumar.mp3
CD12/003 – Surah Al Mumin.mp3
CD12/004 – Surah Hamim.mp3
CD13/001 – Surah Ash Shura.mp3
CD13/002 – Surah Az Zukhruf.mp3
CD13/003 – Surah Ad Dukhan.mp3
CD13/004 – Surah Al Jathiya.mp3
CD14/001 – Surah Al Ahqaf.mp3
CD14/002 – Surah Muhammad.mp3
CD14/003 – Surah Al Fath.mp3
CD14/004 – Surah Al Hujurat.mp3
CD14/005 – Surah Qaf.mp3
CD14/006 – Surah Az Zariyat.mp3
CD15/001 – Surah At Tur.mp3
CD15/002 – Surah An Najm.mp3
CD15/003 – Surah Al Qamar.mp3
CD15/004 – Surah Ar Rahman.mp3
CD15/005 – Surah Al Waqia.mp3
CD15/006 – Surah Al Hadid.mp3
CD16/001 – Surah Al Mujadila.mp3
CD16/002 – Surah Al Hashr.mp3
CD16/003 – Surah Al Mumtahana.mp3
CD16/004 – Surah As Saff.mp3
CD16/005 – Surah Al Jumua.mp3
CD16/006 – Surah Al Munafiqun.mp3
CD16/007 – Surah At Tagabun.mp3
CD16/008 – Surah At Talaq.mp3
CD16/009 – Surah At Tahrim.mp3
CD17/001 – Surah Al Mulk.mp3
CD17/002 – Surah Al Qalam.mp3
CD17/003 – Surah Al Haqqa.mp3
CD17/004 – Surah Al Maarij.mp3
CD17/005 – Surah Nuh.mp3
CD17/006 – Surah Al Jinn.mp3
CD17/007 – Surah Al Muzzammil.mp3
CD17/008 – Surah Al Muddathth.mp3
CD17/009 – Surah Al Qiyamat.mp3
CD17/010 – Surah Ad Dahr.mp3
CD17/011 – Surah Al Mursalat.mp3
CD18/001 – Surah An Nabaa.mp3
CD18/002 – Surah An Naziat.mp3
CD18/003 – Surah Abasa.mp3
CD18/004 – Surah At Takwir.mp3
CD18/005 – Surah Al Infitar.mp3
CD18/006 – Surah Al Mutaffife.mp3
CD18/007 – Surah Al Inshiqaq.mp3
CD18/008 – Surah Al Buruj.mp3
CD18/009 – Surah At Tariq.mp3
CD18/010 – Surah Al Ala.mp3
CD18/011 – Surah Al Gashiya.mp3
CD18/012 – Surah Al Fajr.mp3
CD18/013 – Surah Al Balad.mp3
CD18/014 – Surah Ash Shams.mp3
CD18/015 – Surah Al Lail.mp3
CD18/016 – Surah Adh Dhuha.mp3
CD18/017 – Surah Al Sharh.mp3
CD18/018 – Surah At Tin.mp3
CD18/019 – Surah Al Alaq.mp3
CD18/020 – Surah Al Qadr.mp3
CD18/021 – Surah Al Baiyina.mp3
CD18/022 – Surah Al Zalzalah.mp3
CD18/023 – Surah Al Adiyat.mp3
CD18/024 – Surah Al Qaria.mp3
CD18/025 – Surah At Takathur.mp3
CD18/026 – Surah Al Asr.mp3
CD18/027 – Surah Al Humaza.mp3
CD18/028 – Surah Al Fil.mp3
CD18/029 – Surah Quraish.mp3
CD18/030 – Surah Al Maun.mp3
CD18/031 – Surah Al Kauthar.mp3
CD18/032 – Surah Al Kafirun.mp3
CD18/033 – Surah An Nasr.mp3
CD18/034 – Surah Al Lahab.mp3
CD18/035 – Surah Al Ikhlas.mp3
CD18/036 – Surah Al Falaq.mp3
CD18/037 – Surah Al Nas.mp3

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